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Friday, 4 March 2011

TFI Friday

Well its Friday at last although this means little to me now it used to mean alot to me and still does to most of you. The reason for this- i have a very challenging job that works on a rolling rota system and i have had Thursday and today off, working a long day Saturday, then Sunday off! I guess its not all bad then.

However, what is bad is that i still have no figures having ordered them on Monday afternoon. I know, Im impatient- i hate waiting for things so this is a heartfelt plea to Peter at Baccus:- please get my mega micro minis to me as soon as possible, i hate waiting for things in the post- i dont sleep properly if im expecting a package imminently.

Anywho on a lighter note my Osprey campaign book no. 21 Gravelotte- St. Privat arrived on Thursday with the 1870 rules which i cant wait to play test, after which i will do a proper review. However on first inspection i really like the overall feel of the rules and for once (this happens extremely rarely for me) i feel entirely confident and happy with how these rules will work. I am very much looking forward to using them. Im even contemplating purchasing the 1859/1864 rules and the 1866 rules thanks to the wealth of information and historical backgroumd contained in these rules. Not only that but there are scenarios with full orbats for each of the major engagements, of the 1870-71 war between France and Prussia. In a nutshell, at first glance- fantastic!!! I have already read the Osprey book cover to cover and although it is extremely well written, and laid out the colour depictions/plates of various infantryman, artillerists and cavalryman is poor, which is disappointing. Despite this a very good read and an excellent source of information.

I will do another update with photos once my figures arrive and i can get painting. Please stay tuned.

For the future i plan to collect an Austrian army as well for the battle of Koniggratz between Austria and Prussia and use the 1866 rules.

Thanks also to Caliver books for their help and expediency.

Kind Regards


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