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Monday, 28 February 2011

Back To The Future

Well, after a disastrous year for me (a major car crash, laid off twice in the same year and on my third job within 12 months, which is going well) I have decided to completely start from scratch on this blog and i hope whoever is bored enough to be reading my inane ramblings will forgive me for my absence.

But, good news as i am fully on the road to recovery and placed my first Baccus order of the year today. My brand new project for my brand new year is (drum roll) the Franco-Prussian war. I have never gamed this period but have always found it fascinating to read about (yes, i am that sad). So i have placed an order with Caliver books for the 1870 rules which come highly recommended and look superb and i cant wait to get to grips with them as Baccus' own rules, Polemos, are not an option for me- dont ask!

I also placed an order with Baccus for both Prussian and French forces which should be here by the end of the week so i will get some photos up then and i cant wait to get painting!

This blog will not be anywhere near as pretentious, ambitious or erratic as it was in the past, which i have deleted and will concentrate on one project at a time and this FPW project will go on for some time as very large forces were involved during this short but fascinating conflict. The ultimate aim will hopefully to be able to run a full scale complete FPW campaign but that is a long long long way down the line. I hope to initially build the forces around the battle of Gravelotte-St. Privat.

I am really looking forward to my return to gaming and in particular this project after an indescribably unpleasant and uncertain time and i hope you will bear with me. I will hope to update the blog once a week, although the next update will be when i receive my goodies. The rules will probably be here first from those wonderful people at Caliver Books who are always very helpful. I will do a brief overview of the rules and first impressions and then update when my Baccus stuff arrives. But, Peter did say that it may take a bit longer than usual as he has staff on holiday and on the sick so hes manning the fort all by himself which is a shame as i havea couple days off on Thursday, Friday and Sunday and could have got them undercoated and started painting them. Alas, however, i am happy enough as i know Baccus' figures are worth the wait.

Stay tuned for the next update, probably on Thursday.

Kind Regards