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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Finally, I have found a bit of time recently to carry on work with my FPW project and have now painted up half a Baccus French FPW army with work ongoing at a reasonable rate- well, for me anyway!

I have been able to make time in my personal life for some wargames time which I havent been able to do for a while and I'm actually starting to enjoy painting and getting quicker and quicker with each unit I paint but it still takes me around 2-3 hours per 28 man unit! I know thats slow for most 6mm gamers but for me thats quick and whenever I have an evening free I strive to get one unit done. However, I'm on a rolling shift pattern with my job so having an evening free isnt as frequent as you might think! And I didnt get the lovely 9-5 office job that I had two interviews for last week even though I was the only short listed candidate at that time which sucks but never mind- these things happen for a reason so I have been reliably informed!

Anywho, there will be lots of pictures soon once I have finished the army and started to base it, so watch this space.