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Monday, 7 March 2011

Tell Me Why- I dont Like Mondays

Well, I wasnt looking forward to Monday as no one ever does even though i quite like my job (yes i am one of those sick people). However, rthis week and next week I am on a training course or at least supposed to be, starting today. However, I drove 70 miles this morning to the regional office and got there for just before 9am (starts at 09.30) only to be told the training course had been bumped by a day and actually starts tomorrow. Apparently we should have got a memo to tell us this but my line manager has had nothing and immediately Led Zeppelin sprang to mind- "communication breakdown, its always the same..."

So we then drove 70 miles home- although i am effectively being paid for today as well as mileage, for, effectively what is a day off- every cloud and all that. But on a brighter note, my FPW French and Prussian armies arrived from Baccus on Saturday but i was at work until 19.30 so the wait at work to open my parcel was a little frustrating. However, i got home and there they were, ahh.

Unfortunately my girlfriend had been complaining recently that i wasnt spending enough time with her so my day off on Sunday was lost to "us time" and all i wanted to do was get to grips with my new Baccus minis. Nevermind, sacrifices have to be made and compromises drawn up. So I got the Sunday evening to myself after kicking my girlfriend out using the line " I need my rest before the course begins babe, otherwise im gonna be knackered". So at last i got to grips with my new miniatures.

And wow! What wonderful miniatures they are, the detail, the proportions- they were totally worth the wait and i cant praise Peter @ Baccus enough for his superb sculpting and figures and i will never complain about rising costs again, honest guv!

So I am now going to get a unit of each painted and take a photo along with the rest of the stuff- there will be photos soon i promise. Despite the 1870 rules recommendations for the sizes of the battalion bases infantry are 1 1/2" x 1/2") Im going to use the 60x30mm base sizes that Baccus recommends as it looks much better and the armie compositions from Baccus are purposefully designed for this. It just works so much better all things considered.

So, on with the painting and then photos will be posted i promise.

Kind Regards


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